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The Certificate of deposit of the declaration

Investment Incentives

    The Investment Incentives Code

      The investment incentives code covers all the activity sectors with the exception of mining, energy, domestic commerce and the financial sector which are governed by specific texts.
      Click here to download the Investment Incentives Code.

    Incentives for Regional Development

      Incentives provided are additional fiscal and financial benefits accorded to industrial enterprises, handicraft and trades, and certain services activities.
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    Encouragement des nouveaux promoteurs et PME - Le Fonds de Promotion et de Décentralisation Industrielles - (FOPRODI)

    The fund to promote and decentralize industry was created by article 45 of law n°73-82 of 31 December 1973 (constituting legislation for the 1974 budget) to carry out the following mandate:
    • creation of a new generation of promoters;
    • promotion and development of new industrial small businesses; and
    • implementation of measures to encourage regional development
    Click here to download the FOPRODI.

    API’s one-stop shops guide

      The one-stop shop at API is a service area where administrative and legal formalities can be accomplished thanks to the presence of representatives of the various governmental authorities involved in setting up new businesses: declaration of intention to invest and legal constitution of new companies..
      Click here to download API’s one-stop shops guide .