Republic of Tunisia  | Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mines

Overview of the Investment Incentives Code

Synthesis of the Investment Incentives Code (Law n°93-120 December 27, 1993 - JORT n°99 of December 28, 1993.

The investment incentives code covers all the activity sectors with the exception of mining, energy, domestic commerce and the financial sector which are governed by specific texts.

For industrial and service activities, projects are declared at API’s offices (at the One-Stop Window or at regional API offices).

Nevertheless, certain activities must be authorized by the relevant ministry.

The High Commission for investment must approve certain non-totally exporting service activities for Investment when foreign investors hold the majority interest in the company.

Certain common tax advantages foreseen in Articles 7,8 and 9 of the Investment Code may be granted upon a simple request.

Financial advantages may be granted by the relative Minister’s decision after the advantage-granting commission’s opinion is received.

Additional advantages may be granted after the superior Commission for Investment gives its opinion.