Republic of Tunisia  | Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mines

Other manufacturing

Brief n°19 : Strategic positioning study of the Paper and Carton branch

    This study concerns the manufacture of paper pulp, paper and carton board and the transformation of these materials.

Brief n°13 : Strategic Positioning Study of the Printing Industry Branch

    The printing branch is comprised of diverse products and activities that include printing techniques and pre-press activities and printed products, such as typography, heliography, serigraphy, flexography and offset.
    The following study is focused on printing on paper and flat carton.

Brief n°2 : Strategic positioning study for the wooden furniture branch

    The « wooden furniture » branch includes the following classifications: movable and interior furniture, chairs, kitchen and bathroom furniture, office furniture and furniture for communal spaces. These branch classifications are furthermore segmented into categories: according to style, grade, sold in suites or in single units, assembled or in kit, and modular.