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Chemical industries

Strategic study on pharmaceutical industries in Tunisia

Brief n° 29 : Technical plastics

Brief n° 24 : Soaps, Detergents and Cleaning Products  branch

    In 2004, the “Soaps, Detergents and Cleaning Products” branch comprised 170 industrial enterprises, of which 39 of 10 employees or more. The branch provides employment for 2 500 persons.
    Besides, there are about a hundred micro-plants of the informal sector which operate in the packaging of bleach and a few other common cleaning products.
    Household soap is produced by 11 factories, of which 7 are refineries/soap manufactures. Powder detergents are manufactured by six enterprises, of which two are multinational firms.
    In Tunisia, the core industrial activity concerns mainly laundry powder detergents (90% of market share) and liquid detergents for dish-washing and other (10%).
    The production value of the branch was at 176 MTND in 2003. It has increased over the period 1999 – 2003 at an average annual rate of 3%.
    The production of detergents has increased, on its part, at an average annual rate of 5%. The production of soap, however, has decreased from 26 MTND in 1999 to 16 MTND in 2003.
    Over the same period, the share of household soap in the value of production of the branch has dropped from 36% to 9%.
    Value added has been in the range of 40 to 45 MTND. Its rate with respect to production has stabilised around 25% over the same period.
    The investments for the branch, made between 1999 and 2003, are estimated as 39 MTND. They were realised, in part, under the national upgrading programme, with 9 approved enterprises.

Brief n°21 : Medicine for Human Use branch

    The health care sector has constantly been granted particular attention by the public authorities, thus attesting to the interest given to the protection both of the individual and of the family.
    The present study proposes to offer the operators a set of topics to be considered with a view to accelerating the development of the pharmaceutical industry in Tunisia.

Brief n°10 : Strategic positioning study of the plastics branch