Republic of Tunisia  | Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mines

Mechanical and metal works industries

Strategic positioning study of the aeronautics branch

Brief n°30 : Mechanical automotive components and accessories

    The mechanical automotive components and accessories branch in Tunisia groups the following activities: equipment for motors, exhaust/ transmission/steering/suspension/braking components, equipment for bodywork (internal and external) and parts in rubber and plastic.

Brief n°26 : Foundry and Machining branch

    Foundry and mechanical machining are two activities which belong to the Mechanical and Metallurgical Industries (IMM). The study has focused on foundry products in the first place; as for machining, it is addressed as an activity upstream of foundry.

Brief n°20 : Metallic Construction  branch

Brief n°9 : Strategic positioning study of the automobile components branch

Brief n°1 : Strategic positioning study of the Cable Harnesses branch

    Automobiles have on average 2000 meters of cables. Cabling represents 6 % of the price of the vehicles. Vehicle constructors have out-sourced this activity to equipment manufacturers. In Tunisia, the vehicle cable harnesses branch is part of the automobile components sector.