Republic of Tunisia  | Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mines

Building materials, ceramic and glass industries

Brief n°17 : Strategic positioning study of the glass manufacturing branch

    Glass is one of the most familiar materials. It is used in many forms and for very diverse applications, from drinking glasses to windshields for automobiles and flat glass for the construction industry.

Brief n°11 : Strategic Positioning Study of the Brick making branch

    The study provides a diagnosis of the current situation within the branch, which is comprised of 123 companies employing more than 7900 persons. The production output for the branch was 4 million tons in 2000 of which around 90 % was produced by thirty industrial units.
    The branch features production capacity of 5.7 million tons per annum and investment which totaled 25 million dinars in 2000.
    In the context of benchmarking of 19 parameters specific to the branch, the sector in Tunisia is compared with those of 4 different countries: France, Italy, Spain and Turkey.
    The study also includes objectives through the year 2006, action plans and proposed projects.

Brief n°6 : Strategic positioning study of the marble branch

    The marble branch comprises products that are made from ornamental stone, and which are used in construction, interior and exterior decoration and urban development. Considered as a noble product, marble is classified in 4 categories: crystalline marble, limestone marble, granite, polished dull stone, and Travertine.

Brief n°5 : Strategic positioning study of the floor tiles branch

    This study is concerned with the tiles industry, covering principally mosaic and ceramic floor tiles.